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This Lip Gloss was inspired & named after my sexy Mama Sheila. She loves an orange/copper look on her lips. I hope you like it just as much as she does!

These ALL NATURAL 10 ML Lip Gloss tubes come in a Gold top Wand Tube or a Pink Squeeze Tube. Use the Gold top Wand Tube for slick sexy look or the Squeeze Tube for on the go! You can't go wrong with either Tube. This is a mixture of Copper, Chocolate Brown and a tint of orange!

*Regular Color-The Lip Gloss will show up on your lips but not as bold. It will be more of a sheer light color.
*More Pigment Color-The Lip Gloss will show up on your lips more. Please keep in mind it will look different on skin tones and lip textures.

*If you have another color in mind that you would like, I can make you a custom color. Call me for details.

O Sheila Lip Gloss

$5.00 Regular Price
$4.50Sale Price
  • This item has a prep time of 3 business days. It may change when your order is available.

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